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Fastener Torque Specifications

Fastener Torque Recommendations

The chart below shows the recommended torque values for most ARP fasteners. Recommended torque value is 75% of the fastener’s yield strength.

On installations where the supplied instructions deviate from the torque values listed here, always follow the instructions provided with the fasteners. Stud torque values are based upon coarse thread yield strength and torque being applied to the fine thread. (Example: a 7/16″-14 in the block and a 7/16″-20 threaded nut).
Recommended Torque to Achieve Optimum Preload (clamping force) Using ARP Moly Assembly Lubricant or 30-wt oil
Torque = (ft/lbs.),  Preload = (lbs.)
NOTE: For those using Newton/meters as a torquing reference, you must multiply the appropriate ft/lbs. factor by 1.356

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