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Sanderson Header Reducers, Straight


Sanderson S-RED Straight Header Collector Reducers are used to connect a larger header exhaust collector to smaller exhaust tubing.  (sold as pair)

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Sanderson S-RED Straight Collector Reducers are used on exhaust headers to make it easier to connect header outlets to the exhaust system. Select reducer size to match to the size of the header outlet (collector). Various sizes are available:

Sold in pairs

  • 3.0″ Reducer = 3.0″ to 2.5″
  • 2.5″ Reducer = 2.5″ to 2.25″

Please Select the Correct Size for Your Application Below

Sanderson Collector Dimensions

Example of Use:

A header has a 3.0″ diameter collector, but the exhaust piping or head pipes are 2.5″ diameter. A collector reducer would be used to merge the change in diameter from 3.0″ to 2.5″. The reducer bolts to the header collector, and then a qualified welder would fit and weld the head pipe to the reducer.


  1. Some crafters prefer to have a one-piece head pipe, with no weld connection. In that case a muffler shop would bend a head pipe for the application with a flange and ring out of the desired material diameter to match your headers (i.e. 2.5″ collector = 2.5″ diameter head pipe). With this configuration you would not need the reducer. Ask your muffler shop for more details.


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