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Sanderson Collector Bolt, Grade-5 (each)


Sanderson Grade 5 Collector Bolt with Locking Nut (each)

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Sanderson high tensile Grade 5 alloy header collector bolts resist loosening caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Aircraft grade locking nut stays tighter and secure for much longer than conventional spring steel lock washers.

A perfect addition to Sanderson headers and Sanderson Copper Collector Gaskets.

NOTE: This is a single bolt/nut. Also available as a set of six bolts/locking nuts.


  • (1) Grade-5 Bolt (1-1/4″ UHL)
  • (1) Locking Nut


Header collector gasket sealing is only good as a properly secured exhaust system behind your headers. If the exhaust piping and mufflers are swaying back and forth with every motion of the vehicle it can strain the sealing accuracy of the collector gaskets and header flanges. Please be certain to use proper hangers that secure the exhaust piping. This simple task will provide years of trouble-free, accurate sealing.


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