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Precision Performance 458-RE, Kwik-Shift I Air Shifter, ProHydro

From: $313.50

Precision Performance Products #458-RE, Kwik-Shift I Air Shifter, GM TH400 ProHydro (Clean Neutral). Rear Cable Exit

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Product Made in the USAKwik-Shift I Air Shifter for GM TH400 ProHydro (Clean Neutral Transmissions)

NOTE: Images provided may not show this exact product. 

Rear cable exit (Please review “Cable Exit” information tab.) For Front cable exit, order #458-FT

Not certain which shifter to use? Please review this Application Guide.

“After using the Kwik-Shift shifter, never again will other brands be considered!”
The Lightest, Narrowest, Best-Looking, most Consistent and Durable Shifters available! Designed from the ground up as the ultimate automatic transmission shifter. No-compromise solutions provide positive locking shift gates, optimum control, dead-on repeatability and long term reliability. This is the best-looking, most dependable shifter available. Suitable for real Race Cars, Pro Street Cars or performance Street applications. Works perfectly with Standard or Manual Valve Bodies, Forward or Reverse Shift Patterns in Drag, Street, Off-Road, and Circle Track Race Cars.
To date no Kwik-Shift Shifter has been returned broken, defective, malfunctioning or misbehaving since production began in 1988—and we prefer it that way! Precision Performance Products maintains this reliability record by utilizing only the highest quality materials, precise CNC machining, finite calibration, and obsessive dedication. Every product is carefully and thoroughly inspected, qualified, and load tested before shipment. 
  • Fits GM ProHydro Transmissions (clean neutral)
  • Provides a “Clean Neutral” after 3rd Gear
  • Choice of Push or Pull Pattern (depends on cable exit). Please review CABLE EXIT tab.
  • Park or Neutral Start (Safety Neutral)
  • Available in either Black of Red anodized finish

OPTIONS:  (Please review WHAT ELSE? tab)

      • Trans Brake / Line Lock / Nitrous Switches
      • Stainless Steel Floor Mounting Brackets 
Features on All Kwik-Shift Shifters:
  • Precision CNC Machined 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum and 303 & 304 Stainless Steel components
  • Positive Locking Shift Gates
  • Shift Patterns for Standard or Reversed Valve Bodies on all three and four speed models
  • Narrow Design only 3/4″ Wide
  • Light Weight (only 18 oz. for manual shifter)
  • Positive Reverse Lockout easily operable with one gloved hand
  • Laser Etched PPP Logo
  • CNC Engraved Gear Position Indicators
  • Neutral and Park Starter Enable Switch
  • Easily Convertible to Front or Rear Cable Exit
  • Precisely Calibrated Micro Switches
  • Every Shifter tested thoroughly with mechanical and electrical load
  • Utilizes readily available, easily replaceable Morse style cables
  • Low Friction Teflon Lined Air Cylinders
  • Line-Lock and/or Nitrous Switches **
  • Polished 303 Stainless Steel Mounting Plates **
  • CO2 Shifter Kits **
  • Shifter Cables and Brackets **
  • Made in the USA
** Sold Separately

Unique Features of the Kwik-Shift I

  • Three Year Unconditional Warranty
  • CNC Machined Billet 6061-T6 polished and red or black anodized billet aluminum handle and side plates
  • CNC Machined Billet 6061-T6 satin finished and clear anodized lever and top button
  • CNC Machined Billet 303 Stainless Steel gate selection and indicator pin
  • All Polished Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Precision Die Formed 304 Stainless Steel End Bracket with integral Quick Release shifter cable and wiring harness
  • Integrated 6ms activation Trans Brake Switch, activated by the top thumb button
  • Polished Stainless Steel Fasteners


Precision Performance Products

Cable Exit

Most Kwik-Shift Shifters can be ordered with either a FRONT or REAR cable exit. However, it is important to understand how this affects other aspects of the shifter design.

Cable exit determines:

  • The up-shift pattern of the shifter, whether it is a PUSH to up-shift or a PULL to up-shift
  • Whether the PARK location sits toward the front of the vehicle or toward the rear.
  • (On Air Shift applications) Where the air solenoid will mount (Kwik-Shift II), or where the air lines will connect (Kwik-Shift I).
  • On Electric Shift applications (GM Powerglide), “if” or where the solenoid will mount.

Kwik Shift I Air Shifter, part #458 (GM ProHydro, clean neutral)

#458-FT – Front Cable Exit = PULL up-shift pattern :::: FRONT of Vehicle (P-R/N-1-2-3-N)

#458-RE – Rear Cable Exit = PUSH→ up-shift pattern :::: FRONT of Vehicle (N-3-2-1-N/R-P)

Please Note from the above examples:

  • Cable Exit
  • Front of vehicle
  • Up-shift pattern (push vs pull)
  • Location of PARK

Cable Length

For FRONT exit shifter applications, a 7.0′ (2.13m) or 6.0′ (1.83m) length cable is common.

For REAR exit applications, a 5.0′ (1.52m) or 4.0′ (1.22m) cable length is common.

Front exit applications must make a sort of “S” turn between the shifter and transmission (see image below), and rear exit applications simply make a “U” turn. Making these bends too tight may cause premature failure of the cable lining—choose the cable length carefully.

The image below provides an overly simplified example of front exit cable routing.

Example front exit shifter cable routing

What Else?

The modular design of the Kwik-Shift shifter allows the builder / vehicle owner to only purchase those items necessary to complete the installation. Precision Performance does not believe in selling the customer a box of parts (a kit) that either includes items that will never be used, or includes the wrong parts for the specific application—forcing the customer to spend additional funds to complete the install.

Here are common items needed to complete shifter installation:

Floor Mount Brackets – Door cars may need floor mount brackets, where a dragster will not. Some builders may decide to fabricate their own brackets. This often occurs on those applications with either a tall transmission tunnel and not using an air shifter. Another concern is height. From the base of the floor mount brackets to the tip of the handle button at its highest point is 12.5″ (31.75 cm).

Shifter Cable – A person may already have a shifter cable that is the proper length and design. For FRONT exit shifter applications, a 7.0′ (2.13m) or 6.0′ (1.83m) length cable is common. For REAR cable exit applications, a 5.0′ (1.52m) or 4.0′ (1.22m) cable length is common. Front exit applications must make an “S” turn between the shifter and transmission, and rear exit applications simply make a “U” turn. Making these bends too tight may cause premature failure of the cable lining—choose the cable length carefully.

Cable Bracket and Lever – Offered individually or as a kit, these items provide a secure connection point between the cable and the transmission. If the transmission already has a lever attached to the shaft (for the end of the cable to attach), a new lever may not be necessary. Proper geometry is key.

Air Cylinder – For Kwik-Shift II applications. Note: We recommend the Kwik-Shift I Power Shift shifter for air operation. Air cylinders for the Kwik-Shift II shifter are often purchased after-the-fact, when the user decides to add air shifting to what was once a manually-shifted KS-2.

CO2 Kit – For air shifter applications, this kit includes the remaining items (less controller) to complete an air shifter installation. (CO2 bottle, line & fittings, valve, solenoid).

Thumb Button & Bracket – Many racers still prefer a thumb button on their shifter to control a staging lock, trans brake, backup lights, etc. Note: On Kwik-Shift I applications, the top button in the handle is wired to a micro switch in the shifter case for trans brake activation.

Other Items: Electric Shift Solenoid (Only available for specific 2-speed GM Powerglide shifter part numbers); Quick disconnect, trunnion, or ball & stud, for shifter cable (at transmission); Starter Switch Relay


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