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Custom Charge


Specialty Charge for custom work, order changes, or other cost-based charges.

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Use this item to provide payment for custom work, order changes, or other cost-based charges.


  • Only choose the charge discussed with our sales support staff prior to ordering.
  • Please use the REFERENCE INFO text box to enter a support ticket number and/or description of modifications required so that we may ensure the proper modifications are applied to this order.


A determination is made that for a specific header to fit the customer’s vehicle, a modification is required to one of both header sides. The manufacturer has determined that the modification adds $150.00 to the price of the header. Add the header set to your order, and then add this item, selecting the $1.00 times 150 items (150 x 1.00 = $150.00) and include support ticket number or other pertinent information in the REFERENCE INFO text box. 

Complete the checkout process and the order total will now include the customization charge.

PLEASE, contact us if you have any questions or are unsure of how this works.


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