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Made4You Products

Made4You Products

Top Quality products made from 100% pure DuPont 6-6 Zytel Nylon. Will not fade, stain, or discolor under normal use. Impervious to brake fluid, antifreeze, fuel, solvents, heat, and cold. Available in a variety of popular colors. 

Spark Plug Wire Separators

Single and Double Line Clamps (hard line and tubing, hoses, wiring)

Clamp Kits (brake lines, wiring, racer, universal)

Chassis Clamps (connect to tubular chassis applications)

Tubing Sleeve Kits

Tools (wheel bolt templates, hose and tubing gauge, engine tray)

100% Unconditional LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Popular Products

Hose and Line Clamps

Single and dual T-clamps in all popular sizes and colors. Safely secure hose, line, wiring. 

Spark Plug Wire Separators

Mounted and universal spark plug wire separator kits. Keep plug wires away from heat sources and accessories. Fit 7mm – 10mm wire sets. Available in popular colors.

Spark Plug Wire Boot Heat Sleeves

Protect spark plug wire boots from excess exhaust header heat with these top quality sleeves. Easy installation. Available in white, black, red, and blue.