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Doug’s Headers

Header development and design is complex, requiring a substantial amount of time and resources to build quality products. Doug’s will not compromise performance, quality, or fit to compete with inferior designs at cheap prices. And here at Century Performance Center, we only offer the best, most reliable product brands to our customers. Doug’s Headers offer quality products.

What’s Included:

Every Doug’s header comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, collector reducers or connector pipes, premium gaskets and detailed installation instruction sheets. Doug’s extra thick gaskets are rated up to 1100°F, pressures to 3700 psig (255 bar), and are designed for an exact port match with Doug’s headers. 

Finish Options:

Most Doug’s headers are available in raw steel for individual customizing. However, the preferred finish continues to be our Metallic Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating (MCTBC). MCTBC protects and extends the life of headers by creating a thermal barrier that significantly lowers under hood temperatures and protects the substrate metal from thermal fatigue. After MCTBC is applied, it is polished with a vibratory finishing process that produces a high luster aluminum appearance. The polishing process compresses and activates the coating, which increases the surface hardness to produce a finish that is 60% more corrosion resistant than an unpolished surface. This coating is easy to maintain and will last for years under normal operation conditions.

Available Header Designs:

Mid-Length headers:

Sometimes referred to as Clippsters, offer better performance gains than Manifold Replacement or Block Hugger type headers while keeping ground clearance at a maximum. Perfect for today’s lowered  cars and trucks by offering exceptional ground clearance where long tube headers might hang too low.

Manifold Replacement Headers:

Designed to replace the original manifolds and retain all the original equipment emissions and exhaust connections while offering a performance boost. In many instances these headers have been issued a California Air Resources Board EO Exemption making them Emissions Legal in all 50 states.

Tri-Y Design:

Doug’s Headers is the originator of the popular Tri-Y design for cars and trucks. The unique, shorter, paired primary tubes increase mid range torque without sacrificing top end power. Tri-Y’s are a great choice for daily driven vehicles and heavy trucks looking to increase power from idle to 4500 RPM and maintain maximum fuel efficiency.

Long Tube Headers:

Also known as full-length headers provide the greatest increases in Horsepower and Torque across the entire RPM spectrum. The choice of Racers worldwide, a set of Doug’s Long Tube headers are meticulously designed for the discriminating car owner who wants maximum power and the highest quality header on the market.

About Doug's Headers

In January 2005, Doug’s Headers became part of the PerTronix Performance Brand and a welcome addition to their exhaust division by helping expand their product line to include numerous new header applications for muscle cars, SUVS, trucks and motorhomes.  The original Doug’s Headers was located in Whittier, California and began producing quality headers in 1958. Doug’s personal motto was “the customer should only have to install the headers, not re-manufacture them to fit their vehicle.” Doug’s Riverside manufacturing facilities have been relocated and integrated to PerTronix’s Mexico exhaust manufacturing plant. Exhaust products distribution and product development is now located in a new 40,000 square foot facility in Irwindale, California.

Some products are NOT legal for sale or use on Any Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles. Please refer to the emission code in the Manufacturer’s application and part number listings. 

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