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Sanderson Header Flanges (pair)


Sanderson Header flanges are available for all popular engines.

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Sanderson header flanges are manufactured from 3/8″ thick laser-cut steel and available for most popular engine applications.

Made to exact specifications and laser-cut for accuracy and to limit heat deflection, Sanderson header flanges allow the fabricator a perfect starting point in creating their own custom header set.

  • Sold in sets (pairs) for popular V8 and V6 engines
  • Please Select Your Engine/Flange Type From The List Provided

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Sanderson Headers

Sanderson Headers logo

SB Ford Flanges

Sanderson offers some of their small block Ford headers in two flange styles—the standard rectangular flange, and the square port flange. A third flange style is available on some header sets for the Roush-style SB 427 cylinder heads. This is not a common flange design. Many aftermarket cylinder head manufacturers now use the square port shape on their products. However, that does not mean the square flange is required. The importance here is to ensure the header flange properly seals to the cylinder head. In most cases, the standard rectangular shape works perfectly, but on other heads, the square port flange is necessary. It is the customer’s responsibility to decide the correct flange for their application. Typically, the ONLY cylinder heads that accept a square port flange are those with either four mounting bolts per port (two are spaced wider apart to accommodate the wider port opening) or very specific cylinder heads that only offer the wider bolt spacing.

NOTE: Sanderson charges extra for headers built with the square port flange due to the additional manufacturing time required.

Below are two images showing the differences in the flange styles. Please use these images and the provided dimensions to ensure the proper flange is selected for your new Sanderson Headers from the drop down menu on the product details.

Sanderson small block Ford port flange dimensions


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