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Motofeet 1102 Right Side KICKOUT Engine Stand, Chevy V8


Motofeet engine storage or transportation stand for small and big block Chevy circle track applications needing a right-side kick out for oil pan clearance. Optional steel or rubber casters available.

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This Product is Made in the U.S.A.

Engine storage and transportation stand for Chevrolet small block and big block engines. Featuring a right side  KICKOUT design that provides additional clearance for circle track oil pans.(Volume Discounts Available)

  • Sturdy Boxed Steel Alloy Construction
  • Mount plate is thick 1/4″ steel with Pre-Drilled Holes to match your engine
  • Attractive and Durable Black Powder Coating
  • Portability and easy to store when not in use
  • Bolts right to your engine mount pads on your engine block – attaches in minutes!
  • Strong enough to hold your complete engine AND transmission
  • Affordably Priced
  • Made in the USA
Use the Motofeet Engine Stand for:
  • Working on your engine
  • Engine Display or Storage
  • Shipping or Transportation
Who Needs This?
  • Engine Builders
  • Racers
  • Speed Shops
  • Merchandisers
  • Auto Recyclers (Salvage Yards)
Includes: One Pair stand legs (Optional Steel or OSHA approved Rubber Casters available).
  • Every Motofeet stand features welded-in (3/8″-16) threaded inserts to allow easy mounting of optional casters.
  • If using the stand to transport an engine, it is recommended to remove the casters and securely mount or strap the stand legs and engine in place to prevent movement.
  • WARNING: Transporting with a transmission bolted to the engine on the Motofeet stand is not recommended.



Motofeet engine stands for transportation and storage.

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Rubber vs. Steel Casters

(Provided by Sam Solace, Pres/CEO of Century Performance Center)


The choice between steel or rubber casters is based upon personal preference and the intended use of the Motofeet engine stand. Either caster material is durable and will withstand the weight installed upon the stand. On premium garage or shop floors—using vinyl tiles, epoxy paint, or another premium surface—we recommend the rubber caster option. Using rubber casters is the best way to prevent damage or scratches to the shop or garage floor. Additionally, the rubber casters roll quieter.

The steel casters are the best choice when the engine (or engine and trans) will be mounted to the stand for an extended length of time (many months or over a year of storage for example), or if the floor surface (or travel area) area is coarse or sometimes difficult to roll across—including asphalt driveways or at the race track.


While the rubber casters are heavy duty, extremely durable designs (and provide the same load rating as the steel casters), it is simply not a good practice to allow a set of rubber casters to maintain a heavy load while stationary in the same place for an extended period of time. Although we have not experienced any negative problems associated with the Motofeet rubber casters, past experience with other rubber casters has shown that extended periods of weighted support may cause flat spots to occur on the rubber casters. Again, we have not experienced any problems with the rubber casters Motofeet provides. This information is provided to allow our customers to make the best caster selection for their Motofeet engine stand.

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