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Meziere CT30112C Chassis Tabs (qty 4)


Meziere CT30112C Chassis Tabs (qty 4); Bent #301, 1/8″ Thick, 4130 Material

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Made in the USATop chassis builders asked for it, and Meziere delivers! 4130 alloy material is selected and the laser cutting process is closely monitored to produce the finest chassis tabs available. Bring superior strength and precision to your next fabrication project.

Note: Available in package of 20 tabs. Order part number MZE-CT30112B


  • 1/8″ thick 4130 material
  • No contour – intended for flat surface
  • Two ears bent at 30° to act as gussets
  • 3/8″ diameter through hole
  • Package of 4 tabs



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